How to Plan a WeekLong France Vacation on a Limited Budget
How to Plan a WeekLong France Vacation on a Limited Budget

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France is a wonderful and diverse country that has a lot to offer to those who choose to visit. There are many things to do that will suit people of all ages and regardless of their personal interests. If you are planning on travelling to France but have only a limited budget, you might be concerned that you will not get the same experience as someone who has an unlimited budget for their trip. However, with some careful planning, a week-long vacation to France can be an amazing experience even for those with limited financial resources.

Planning Your Visit


Step one in organizing a budget vacation to France is to set your budget. You need to know what funds you have available to begin with so that you can plan how to allocate each portion of your budget to different aspects of your trip, such as travel, accommodation, food, activities and entertainment. Setting a limit for what you are willing to spend on each element of your vacation will help you to plan accordingly.

When you are planning your budget visit to France, the Internet is one of your most useful resources. The first thing to do is search for accommodation. You can compare prices and find package deals. Consider all the different options and work out which is the most cost-effective for you. One option you might not have considered before but certainly should is staying in a hostel. Tourist hotspots are often more pricey than areas not as well known to tourists. It is worth thinking about staying just outside your preferred location to save money on accommodation.

The Internet can also be used to plan your itinerary for your vacation. Research what there is to do in the area you are staying, in particular, the things that are free. For example, there are some wonderful parks and public gardens around France that are a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. You might find that that there are open-air performances in the evenings for you to enjoy that are often also free or very cheap.

Sightseeing and absorbing the French culture is one of the cheapest activities to enjoy. Roaming the streets and enjoying some of the fantastic and varied architecture is fascinating. If you want to find out more about the history and culture of the area, then visiting museums is usually a very cheap activity. Some museums are free, others ask for a donation on entry and a few will ask for just a small entrance fee. You can find out about costs using the Internet when you are planning activities for your vacation.

For nighttime entertainment, spending time in bars that have live entertainment is significantly cheaper than paying to watch a performance at venues such as theatres. Find out about venues that serve food and drink and also host live performers for you to enjoy in the genre of music you prefer. You should also find out about events and festivals that are taking place in the locality at the time of your visit.

Enjoying Your Budget Trip to France

Even if you only have a limited budget, there are plenty of things you can do to enjoy your week-long vacation in France. The key to making sure you have an amazing experience with minimal funds is to plan your trip carefully in advance.

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Inexpensive Hotels in France
Inexpensive Hotels in France

Vacationing In France On A Budget


Do you love the idea of vacationing in France but are worried about how much your accommodation might cost? The good news is that the price of a French hotel room need not put you out of pocket for the rest of your stay. There are several options when you are looking for budget accommodation throughout the country, and whether you want to experience rural life, coastal resorts or city centers, there are cheap hotels on offer.

Inexpensive French Hotel Chains

Going for a budget hotel can often be fraught with worry. Will it be clean? Will it be safe? Will it be suitable for families? The best option when looking for low cost accommodation that has minimum guaranteed standards is to look for a value hotel chain. There are several of these with hotels scattered throughout France. Here are some of the best known:


With 260 hotels located all across the country, this motel style accommodation is brilliant value for money. Offering a choice of rooms for two or three people, the standards, although basic, are perfectly acceptable. Clean and neat, the room layout is practical but deceptively spacious with two single beds, some with a bunk above, a desk space and a flat screen TV. Each room has a sink area, although showers are shared. There is even free unlimited Wi-Fi for guests making the extremely low cost well worth it.

Ibis Budget


The Ibis Budget chain offers outstanding value for money if you are traveling alone, as a couple, or as a trio. With twin, double and triple rooms available, each with their own bathroom facilities, this accommodation is a great choice either when traveling through France or staying in one location. Basic, yet cozy, each room has a TV, desk, and bright, clean decor. With convenient city center locations, staying at an Ibis Budget hotel is a good way to enjoy the sights without breaking the bank.



The low cost Campanile chain can be found in pretty much every area of France, so whether you want to spend time on the beach, discover the countryside, or take in the attractions of the local towns, you will be able to find a cheap place to stay. Often, these conveniently located hotels are found close to major motorways, so they are also a good choice when on a touring vacation. Offering free Wi-Fi, cozy bedding, free parking, air-conditioning, and an on-site restaurant, this budget option offers much better value than many more expensive properties.

Mr Bed

Another affordable French chain, Mr Bed offers comfortable rooms in several major cities including Lille, Metz, Tours and Strasbourg. Offering family rooms, they are also a good choice for those traveling in larger groups. Each room has its own bathroom, flat screen TV and free Wi-Fi, and you can even bring the family pet!

Tour France At Low Costvignettetourisme_actu87470_photo

Because many of these chains are located close to major routes, they represent a good value option for those who are touring through the country. The city center locations are also perfect for those who want to be close to the action without spending all their hard earned money on accommodation.

Things to Do in France for Under $100
Things to Do in France for Under $100

Low Cost Days Out In France

Vacationing in France needn’t cost the earth, in fact there are countless things to do in France that are cheap or even completely free! Whichever region of France you choose to visit, there are plenty of attractions to enjoy and exciting locations to explore on a budget!


No visit to France would be complete without a few days spent in the capital, Paris. The city of love is packed with fun things to do, and many of them can be enjoyed for under $100. Although visiting some of the major sights will set a family back a sizeable sum, if you time your stay well, you could see famous museums for free thanks to the Free Sundays scheme. If you are lucky enough to be in the city on the first Sunday of the month between November and March, you can see the Louvre, go inside the Arc de Triomphe, and tour the Notre Dame completely free of charge.

If, however, you are visiting during the summer, there is still a wealth of things you can do without paying a cent. See the exhibition about renowned writer Victor Hugo (author of Les Miserables) at his former residence the Maison de Victor Hugo or, for aeronautics fans, you can discover over 150 aircraft, including Concorde, at the Musée de l’Air et de l’Espace at Le Bourget. The beautiful Jardin du Luxembourg can be explored all year round, and you can seek out the graves of the rich and famous such as Oscar Wilde and Jim Morrison at the Père Lachaise cemetery.

The Riviera


The south of France is one of the most popular vacation destinations in France, and although there are lots of commercial attractions that charge hefty entrance fees, there is still lots to do if you are on a budget.

Cannes is the perfect spot for people watching, so take a stroll along the The Boulevard de la Croisette and see if you can spot any celebrities basking in the sunshine. Take in the ambience, enjoy the views and perhaps, if the budget will accommodate, sip a drink in a beachfront cafe. Afterwards, soak in the rays on one of the free stretches of beach, or take a dip in the sea. The old town is a fun place to wander, completely free of charge, but if you want to spend just a few Euros, you could explore the Musee de la Castre where you can find a fascinating collection of weapons, ceramics and artifacts.

Nice is one of the resorts favored by tourists, and there are several free museums that you can visit. The Musee Matisse and the Museum of Modern & Contemporary Art are both great days out for those interested in the arts, or if you are a history buff, you can take a tour of the beautiful 17th century Palais Lascaris.

Religious Attractions

There are many stunning cathedrals and churches in France which are free to visit all year round. See the spectacular cathedral at Reims where historically the kings of France were crowned, the Notre Dame in Strasbourg, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country, or the unusual fortified cathedral at Albi. The shrine at Lourdes is also free to enter and is a spiritual way to spend a day.

Enjoy France On A Budget

Whatever you enjoy, you are sure to find plenty to keep you occupied at low cost throughout France. Wherever you vacation in the country, you will find museums and cathedrals that are completely free to enter, as well as beautiful towns and villages to explore.